Gucci Mane Feared Becoming a "Laughingstock" After 2016 Prison Release

"I wasn't going to come out [of prison] and not be relevant. I refused to do that."

In a two-part conversation with author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell, Gucci Mane opened up about his psyche prior to his release from prison in 2016 and what, specifically, motived his "flood the market" release strategy.

"Desperation. I gotta stay relevant. I can't lose. I can't get out of here and be the laughingstock, that Gucci squandered his career," Gucci explained to Gladwell. "That pride, it keeps me creative. It makes me find a way. Like, whatever I gotta do. If I had to rap on the phone, I would've did it. I wasn't going to come out [of prison] and not be relevant. I refused to do that."



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In the past, we've jokingly criticized Gucci for his churn and burn methodology to releasing projects, going so far as to encourage him on multiple occasions to slow down and let the music sink into our ears, but his explanation really makes perfect sense. If Gucci didn't come out of the gates, literally, swinging at every pitch thrown his way, he feared he'd never get another chance to step up to the plate. (I'm not sure if Gucci is a baseball fan, but that seemed like the aptest comparison.) 

This Friday, October 13, the veteran ATLien will release Mr. Davis, his third full-length studio album in the past 15 months (Everybody LookingThe Return of East Atlanta Santa) and potentially his last release on a major label.



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