Tee Grizzley Hopes to Work With Eminem But His Detroit Co-Sign isn't "Mandatory"

Pioneer from the city? Yes. Detroit rap gatekeeper? Not necessarily.

In a new interview on The Cruz Show on Power 106 Los Angeles, Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley was asked whether or not it's "mandatory" for an artist to "go through" Eminem, the most famous rapper his hometown has ever produced. 

"I mean, it's good to because he's a pioneer from the city," said Grizzley, "but I wouldn't say it's mandatory."

Okay, so Grizz doesn't believe Eminem, local legend and all, is Detroit's rap gatekeeper, but any Motown artist would obviously welcome a collaboration with a hometown legend and rap icon, right? 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely want to sit down with Eminem," Grizzley said.

Despite not showing a heavy interest in continuing to talk about Eminem, show host J Cruz continued to pepper the rapper with Em-related talking points, inquiring if Grizzley is aware of the history Eminem has in Detroit (seriously) and the road he's paved for future generations of rappers. In response, Grizzley simply replied, "Fasho, uh huh."   

At 23, Grizzley, who has made quite a name for himself in 2017, signing a record deal with 300 Entertainment and earning a co-sign from none other than JAY-Z, is still new to the industry, new to media, and new to conducting interviews, but I have to commend the kid. Instead of selling listeners a bill of fake goods, acting like just because he and Eminem share a hometown it's a requirement to get Em's co-sign, he was honest. 

One Detroit legend who Grizzley has worked with is Eminem's Bad Meets Evil cohort Royce da 5'9" ("I'm On 3.0" with Trae The Truth), who has been a staunch supporter of the newcomer's music.