A$AP Rocky Believes Not Being a Role Model Makes Him the Best Role Model

This actually makes... sense.

A role model is defined as "a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people." To that end, A$AP Rocky believes he does and does not fit the role model bill.

"I'm the best role model because I'm not a role model," Rocky told SHOWstudio during an interview in Shanghai. "I think I do a good job at being responsible for those who look up to me, as far as making good decisions, career-wise, as far as being an entrepreneur, making money, commodities, entities, etc. As far as me tightening up my act, not smoking, shit like that, fuck them."

So, basically, Rocky is the best kind of role model because he knows, accepts and is willing to fully admit that he’s not perfect and shouldn't be held up as a role model. This actually makes... sense.

Why pretend to be a role model when you know your lifestyle isn't conducive to holding that title?

Rocky might not be willing to give up weed in order to present himself as more wholesome to his young fans, but later in the interview, the Harlem clarified what he means when he says he's doing drugs.

"Let's not call it drugs. When you talk about drugs, you make me sound like a fucking crackhead, miss," said Rocky, in response to interviewer Lou Stoppard grilling him about the influence that drugs have on his creativity. "At the end of the day, I do LSD—love, sex, dreams. I smoke marijuana, ganja, Bob Marley did it. It's the earth, it's the roots. It's the motherland, you feel me? That's just natural right there, know what I'm saying? I ain't justifying what I do, I'm just letting you know how it is. I don't do no fucking drugs. At the same time, to each his own."

While it's not in a rapper's job description to be a role model to the youth, it's imperative that artists understand the power they wield on social media and with their rhymes. There's a big difference between smoking weed in the studio and showing off a giant Xanax birthday cake on Instagram.