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Gucci Mane Wants More Recognition for Being a Lyricist: "I'm One of the Coldest"

Unfortunately, his reasoning why doesn't support his opinion.

Gucci Mane would like some more recognition for being a lyricist. 

In a new interview with XXL for their 20th Anniversary issue, the veteran ATL rapper, who is fresh off the release of his new studio album, Mr. Davis, was asked if there's anything he deserves more recognition for, to which he replied: 

I don't think I get enough recognition for being a lyricist. I feel like I'm one of the coldest, as far as putting songs together cause it was four or five years where I just freestyled. I was so high, I just freestyled all them songs, "Lemonade," "Photoshoot," "Wasted," I would make these songs all in one night. And I would make 30 tapes a year. I've never seen anyone do that but me.



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People often associate lyricism with multiple meanings or metaphors that require Genius annotations and not with trap production, but just because Gucci's approach is blunt, not complex, doesn't mean he isn't a lyricist.

Unfortunately, by his own admission, Gucci's 'churn and burn' methodology—releasing a massive amount of material at a staggering pace—has put him in a box. While Gucci has his reasons for taking this approach, it's also come to define him as an artist. 

It's hard to imagine that slowing down his musical manufacturing process and limiting his output—a suggestion we've made in the past—will change the minds of those who have already fully-formed opinions of Gucci as a rapper, but if he's serious about breaking free from the repetitive rap tune banner, now is the time to do it.

In his 16 years as a professional recording artist, Gucci's star has never shined brighter than right now.



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