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"You Don't Have Any Hits": Mike WiLL Recalls 2012 Meeting with Warner Exec

Mike WiLL produced three Platinum-certified hits that same year.

Earlier today, following our coverage of his tweets slamming Atlantic Records, Metro Boomin called out Mike Caren, the CEO of Artist Partners Group and an executive at Warner Music Group (Warner owns Atlantic Records). 

Contrary to a recent story that framed Caren's work as next-level and artist-friendly, Metro claimsAPG and Caren play by "their own rules." "This is not about slander," Metro tweeted, "This is about not letting art and more importantly, lives go to waste."

Fellow superproducer Mike WiLL Made-It, one of a number of high-profile creatives to respond to Metro's initial tweet storm, followed suit, jumping on the anti-APG bandwagon and claiming that Caren, during a 2012 meeting, tried to work him over by claiming he had no hits in his production catalog.



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While Mike WiLL has proven Caren's initial judgment wrong, manufacturing countless hits over the past five years, including five top 10 singles and two chart-topping smash hits ("HUMBLE." and "Black Beatles"), it's important to note that his sales pitch to WiLL—that the label could help to elevate his talents and take him to the next level—is the exact same sales pitch that artists and producers have heard from record executives since time immemorial.

Though he didn't offer any details, Cardo, another successful hip-hop producer who has worked with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Travis Scott, also chimed on Metro's central talking point, claiming that APG tried to "play me."

For years, we've written about producers (and songwriters) getting screwed over his rappers and record labels. Unfortunately, the more things change in the music business, the more they stay the same.



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