Cam'ron's Lawyer Reminds Him to Turn in New Album for December Release

So...uh...get excited?

The wait for a new Cam'ron album—his first solo LP since 2009's Crime Pays—might finally be coming to an end.

In a new interview with XXL for their 20th Anniversary issue, the Harlem MC shared a bit of good news. "I have an album I have to turn in this year, my lawyer just told me, that I didn't realize I have to turn in this year before December," Cam'ron said.

Before jumping for joy, it's important to keep in mind that, during a July 2016 interview with Complex, Cam told viewers that his seventh solo album, Killa Pink, would be released that November. Nearly 365 days later, the album still hasn't seen the light of day.

Curiously, later in the same interview, Cam'ron talks about the perks of operating an independent artist for the past 15 years—Cam'ron split from Def Jam after 2004's Purple Haze, which means he's technically been independent for only 13 years. But if Cam'ron were truly independent, that means he wouldn't have a contractual obligation to turn in an album to... anyone...right?

We've reached out to Cam'ron for more details on the pending album and will update this story if he responds.



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