A$AP Rocky Wants to Make Being Smart Cool

"There's nothing wrong with being a thinker." Amen.

A$AP Rocky is for the kids.

In a new interview with GQ, Rocky revealed that he recently signed a deal with Under Armour because it gives him an opportunity, beyond designing sneakers, to work with the company's philanthropic CEO, Kevin Plank.

Together, Rocky and Plank plan to open rec centers "with fly shit" and create programs for kids to learn how to become entrepreneurs.

"I want to facilitate ways for kids to get better education without calling it education, ‘cause that shit sounds boring," Rocky told GQ. "I want to make a way for being smart to be cool. There's nothing wrong with being a thinker. Where I'm from, being smart has a negative connotation—that means you sold out, that means you're a geek."

In a world in which rappers often brag about "doing stupid shit" and how they like "go dumb," it's quite refreshing to hear an artist who understands the value in changing the perception of what it means to be smart, especially from an artist like Rocky, who is widely known as a trendsetter consistently on the cutting edge of what's cool.

In a previous interview, Rocky openly acknowledged that he hasn't been an ideal role model—which doesn't exactly jive with his plan of action alongside Plank—but his latest comments seem to indicate that not only is he ready to step into that role but that his platform suits a much larger purpose.

Although he wouldn't share the title or release date of his forthcoming album, Rocky did confirm he's in full-on music mode at the moment and his plan is to unleash the project before the end of 2017.