Isaiah Rashad Shares Great Advice for Hair-Dying, Pill-Popping Rappers

"Ur making my lil cousins look up to idiocy and codiene."

Isaiah Rashad hasn't been a fixture on social media the past few months, but occasionally, the TDE emcee will pop up on Twitter and issue a potpourri of thoughts on the industry, issue an update on his next project (he's working on it, he has a title, but he isn't sharing it) or share some friendly or empowering advice for his fans or fellow artists. 

On Monday evening, the Los Angeles-based native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, who has battled drug addiction and depression in recent years, shared some more great advice for kiddo rappers who change their appearance and justify the consumption of drugs in the name of creative pursuits.

Zay wisely doesn't name names—coughLil Pumpcough—but he also doesn't have to; his advice could literally apply to a handful of prominent up-and-coming rap artists.

Even if an artist's "dig from the jump" is all about self-expression and the embrace of addictive drugs, there are obviously other, less extreme ways to seek help in an effort to "find yourself."

And while there's certainly nothing wrong with an artist who chooses to dye his or her hair—IDK went blonde before he released his excellent new album IWASVERYBAD—the negative effect of popping pills for recreational purposes (or drinking lean) cannot be debated.

Earlier this month, less than four weeks after justifying his Xanax abuse, Chicago rapper Fredo Santana found himself in the hospital, suffering from liver and kidney failure. And if Young Thug isn't careful, he could find himself in the exact same position.