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Trick Daddy Calls Out Today’s Gangsta Rappers for “Wearing Skinny Jeans & Fingernail Polish”

Trick says, "Shit crazy." Actually, it's a breath of fresh air.

Man, old rappers do not like skinny jeans.

In a new interview with DJ Vlad, veteran Miami rapper Trick Daddy, without provocation, went off on modern-day gangster rappers for not dressing or looking the part.

"There's so many fake gangsters these days," Trick said. "Back in the day, you had to look your part... if you were a conscious rapper, we knew you was a militant brother, you had your shirt tucked in, you had the clean face, the clean shave or the bald head or the kufi on. If you was a gangster brother, a gangster rapper, then we knew you had to have on the Cowboys hat, the Dickies, or the Stater jacket to represent your city. Now, we got these gangster rappers wearing skinny jeans and fingernail polish and lipstick and this shit crazy, man."



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Actually, Trick, not only is there nothing "crazy" about the stylistic evolution of hip-hop, but it's a breath of fresh air knowing that the days of artists feeling required to sport an unofficial uniform based on the type of rap music they make are long gone.

Last year, Young Thug—who Trick might or might not have used as a point of reference here—proclaimed that a rapper could still be a "gangster in a dress" after a giant billboard went up in New York City featuring him modeling a Calvin Klein dress. Unsurprisingly, the Atlanta native was mocked across social media for the advertisement and his subsequent explanation, but many of his peers, both veterans and contemporaries alike, came to his defense.

Instead of turning this into an argument about then versus now or us versus them—a conversation I'm fairly certain we're all sick and tired of having—Trick should follow the lead of Tyler, The Creator, who on his latest album, articulated his position perfectly: "Tell these black kids they can be who they are."



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