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DUCKWRTH on Touring with Rich Chigga: "We End Up Performing for 15 Year Olds"

"It’s a different type of situation."

In support of his newly-released project, an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape, LA rapper and former DJBooth Top Prospect DUCKWRTH spoke with Milk about his musical inspiration ("classical, soul, funk, hip-hop and '80s ballad type-shit"), comparisons to André 3000 ("I always get that. People always say that and he’s a cool guy.") and his best advice for fellow artists ("Just be you. Just do what feels right.").

During his conversation with writer Armoni Boone, DUCKWRTH was also asked about his touring experience with Rich Chigga, the 18-year-old Indonesian rapper and comedian who broke out in 2016 with his viral hit "Dat $tick," and unsurprisingly, he revealed that the average age of their audience members is, well, slightly younger than he expected.

"It’s been pretty crazy, especially because of his demographic. My music is like for that 18, college kid, grown up a little, but still young. We end up performing for like 15-year-olds!" DUCKWRTH said. "It’s a different type of situation. These kids grew up on trap and are majorly from that SoundCloud era. It’s really funny because at first [the 15-year-olds] are thrown off by us. But by the third song, they are fully committed. I feel like that’s the importance that we have. We’re bringing the other side of that music that isn’t trap. We’re bring[ing] something that is more on the funkier side, yanno?"   

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an XTRA UUGLY Mixtape, DUCKWRTH's first release since signing a record deal with Republic earlier this year, is currently available for free stream and digital purchase.

Correction: Milk (badly) misquoted DUCKWRTH in their original interview about the average age of attendees. It should read "15-year-olds" and not "50-year-olds."



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