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Tyler, The Creator Unintentionally Hands Out Great Business Advice

"I'll always be working like I could lose everything tomorrow."

In addition to working on music and touring, Tyler, The Creator has his hands in television, fashion and Camp Flog Gnaw, his annual music festival in Southern California.

How on earth is Tyler able to balance all of these responsibilities?

In a new interview with GQ, the 26-year-old offered a simple explanation: 

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"I don't see any of it as work," Tyler told writer Shakeil Greeley. "I'm just doing what I'd be doing for free. With deadlines [laughs]. I get to work with my friends, they get paid, I get paid. Also I don't come from money, I come from a single-parent home. So trust me 100 percent, I'll always be working like I could lose everything tomorrow, and that's always in the back of my head."

Not that I would know personally, but for most people, stepping into a large sum of money after growing up without any tends to create a level of comfort that can often lead to poor decisions. It's the reason why lottery winners lose all their winnings and professional athletes end up broke after their playing careers come to an end.

For Tyler, The Creator, who currently has an estimated net worth of $6 million, working in four different but overlapping industries that have all given him the chance to make a nice living has meant the opposite. The more opportunities he's been afforded, the more responsible he's become with his money and the more motivated he is to take on even more work.

It appears G-Eazy isn't the only under-30 artist who is unintentionally dishing out advice in fiscal responsibility



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