Logic Gave Up On Trying to Make a "Radio Hit" Before "1-800"

"The fact that is the song I can flex on as a rapper, like, 'Double Platinum, motherfucker,' that's amazing."

Logic's hit single "1-800-273-8255" is not only the first top 10 record of his career (it peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 on September 30) but also his first single to hit at radio, reaching No. 1 on Mediabase's Top 40 chart.

Yet, according to the 27-year-old Def Jam MC, the record, co-produced by 6ix, wasn't crafted with hit potential in mind.

"I had given up on trying to make a hit or trying to be accepted or go to radio," Logic told DJ DUBL in an interview earlier this month while in the United Kingdom on the European leg of his Everybody's Tour. "I gave up and made this album that I thought not this many people would appreciate—and they have. But, I just can't believe it's this song. It's a song about mental health and battling depression and continuing to live and survive. And it's bigger than myself, it's bigger than you, it's about us as a whole. And the fact that is the song I can flex on as a rapper, like, 'Double Platinum, motherfucker,' that's amazing, that's so special."

In addition to somewhat unintentionally becoming the biggest record of his career, "1-800" has also had a profound effect on suicide prevention awareness and is teaching hip-hop fans all around the world to be less skeptical of wokeness.

Since its release on April 28, "1-800" has racked up 395 million streams on Spotify. The Andy Hines-directed video for the single, released nearly four months later, is currently sitting at 145 million views on YouTube.



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