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"Shit Needs to Stop": Azizi Gibson Delivers Powerful Speech on "Poisonous" Pill-Popping Culture

"Don't let these fucking rappers convince you that they're not about some drug that's in their name."

Following the untimely passing of emo/hip-hop rising star Lil Peep on Thursday, the result of a suspected drug overdose, Los Angeles-based rapper Azizi Gibson took to Snapchat to share his thoughts on the glamorization of "in" drugs like Xanax, delivering a powerful message about the responsibility that artists have to dead what has become a "fucking poisonous culture." 

"I'ma say this shit: stop letting this poppin' pills culture take away good people who just needed somebody to talk to. Don't let these fucking rappers convince you that they're not about some drug that's in their name," Gibson said. "Had a little fuckin' cousin of mine come to me and say, 'Oh, yeah, I did a few Xans here and there because my favorite rapper talks about it all the time. So there's nothing you can tell me, it's a fucking poisonous culture and the shit needs to stop. And artists are hilarious. Artists have social responsibilities to let people—and everyone—know, right or wrong, and they don't. You wanna know something funny? I done met all your favorite artists and really, 65 to 75% of them are assholes and don't give a fuck about anything. Especially, you."

It's debatable whether or not a recording artist should be a socially-responsible role model—for instance, A$AP Rocky believes that owning up to not being a role model is what makes him a role model—but what cannot be up for debate is the impact that these drugs are having on the youth

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Gibson is the latest in an ever-growing line of music artists who, over the past year, have been vocal in their denouncement of drugs like Xanax and lean and the entire culture at large. In just the past four weeks, Kamaiyah, Danny Brown and Wiz Khalifa have all gone out of their way to comment on the subject during interviews or on their social media. 



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