"My Hobby Became My Job": Danny Brown Opens Up About His Relationship with Music

"I'm in the transition stage of doing many different things so I can turn music back to my hobby."

Danny Brown is currently hard at work on a one-MC/one-producer album, the details of which he has so far refused to release, but that isn't his only priority at the moment.

As Brown explained to Detroit Metro Times writer Kahn Santori Davison, he's also trying to mend his relationship with music.

"My hobby became my job," he says as he looks around the parking lot. "And when your hobby becomes your job, it feels like work, and when you do work, it's not that fun anymore. So I'm in the transition stage of doing many different things so I can turn music back to my hobby.



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While understandable given the grueling nature of being a professional recording artist in 2017, Brown's commentary stands in stark contrast to remarks made earlier this year by fellow veteran Killer Mike, who doesn't mind that rap became his day job. "I'm here to work," Mike told Power 106. "I say that and, a lot of times, people take as a joke or do you feel obligated. Like, this is my day job. And I love it like that."

In addition to trying to flip the script on his current relationship with music, Brown also discussed the importance of working toward becoming a better father. "I'm never home, she's at the age where she needs me a lot, but I'm never around, so the best I can do is support her financially, and that's not always the best thing for her," Brown told Santori Davison.

For Brown, spending more time with his 16-year-old daughter might just be the answer to how to make his recording career fun again. As a father myself, I know firsthand that, the more time I spend with my daughter, the less I'm looking for fun in the day-to-day minutia of running a website.



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