Eminem Asked for Beyoncé Feature After He Finished "Walk On Water"

"I felt like she could probably relate to this."

When Eminem released "Walk On Water" last week, the hot takes were varied, but one of the reoccurring reactions among listeners was that the record sounded like a Beyoncé leftover that was gifted to Eminem.

On Friday, Eminem joined DJ Whoo Kid on his Sirius XM station Shade 45 for an interview and set the record straight:

"First of all, Beyonce is amazing. It's been on my wishlist for a long time, but I never really had a song that I felt like would be right to present to her," Eminem said. "So I was kinda waiting. Then me and Paul [Rosenberg] kinda kicked the idea around after I finished it and, based off what it was about, I felt like she could probably relate to this too. Just because Beyoncé is always—everything she does is so perfect but the pressure is behind her to do it so perfect. I felt like she could probably relate to that. I told her, I never seen you make a mistake before. Ever. Performance-wise, everything. Every song she puts out, every album, it's so calculated, everything is always so perfect."

Though Whoo Kid didn't ask Eminem who sang Beyoncé's part before Beyoncé agreed to sing Beyoncé's part, it's likely that role was filled by the song's co-producer and frequent collaborator, Skylar Grey. The pair has worked together a handful of times over the past six years, including "I Need a Doctor" with Dr. Dre, "Our House" with Slaughterhouse, "C'mon Let Me Ride," "Asshole," "Twisted" and "Kill For You."

Eminem still has yet to confirm the release date for his forthcoming ninth studio album, RƎVIVAL, but fans can catch his performance this Saturday evening on Saturday Night Live.