T-Pain Blames Himself for Suing Cash Money Over Unpaid Royalties

Everybody "Got Money" except for Teddy.

Earlier this month, T-Pain's company, Nappy Boy Productions, filed a lawsuit against Lil Wayne and Cash Money for unpaid royalties in the amount of $500,000, but in a new interview on The Breakfast Club, the artist says that the person most responsible for his current situation is actually himself.

"I never pressed for it. I never was like, 'Yo, where's that check at?'" Pain said. "It's just business, man, it's just happening. I waited long enough [before suing them], you know what I'm saying...it's literally just been me waiting."

According to Pain, while he was never paid for his feature work on Tha Carter III's "Got Money" or Tha Carter IV's "How to Hate," he agreed to do both records on an 'I'll scratch your back, you scratch my back' basis. However, that didn't mean that Pain agreed to forfeit earning royalties from both records on the back end.  

Despite the lawsuit and unpaid royalties, Pain doesn't blame Wayne or Birdman personally ("It really doesn't fall on them, but it is their job to get it.") and says that, if either artist were to call him up now for a feature, he'd still be game. "I'm still doing it," Pain said. "Like I said, it ain't got nothing to do with our relationship, it's always going to be love between camps."

In addition to having to deal with Cash Money and Young Money, Pain went on record earlier this month, claiming that, at one point, RCA, his label for the past 13 years, sabotaged his career by taking over control of his single selections. 


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