Big Sean & Metro Boomin Recorded Their Upcoming Joint Album Without a Vocal Booth or Headphones

"Metro would make a beat in the studio in front of Sean, while Sean would sit with a mic, writing and freestyling."

It appears Big Sean is doubling down on his creative process.

During an interview with Paul Thompson for Billboard, Sean and producer Metro Boomin revealed that the pair recently completed work on a surprise collaborative album, Double or Nothing, for which their recording process was unorthodox, to say the least.

For Sean, this project, in particular, is about organic expression, and so to communicate that to his fans, he and Metro decided on a whole new approach to recording. “It’s about what you’re bringing to the table: how we’re going to progress humanity, how we’re going to give people something to work out to, to live to, to upgrade to,” Sean explained.

To that end, the duo recorded a majority of the record off the cuff. As Thompson details, “Metro would make a beat in the studio in front of Sean, while Sean would sit with a mic, writing and freestyling,” and that Sean “fully expects that on some tracks, the playback will bleed into the microphone, because they recorded without a vocal booth or even a pair of headphones.” 

While the pair could have chosen to record a bulk of the album in major, multi-million dollar recording studios, their decision to go as bare-bones as possible speaks to their ambitions for this album. Following his more personal 2017 album, I Decided, it’s clear Sean is working towards making his voice and his story be the forefront of every track.

How Double or Nothing will stack up against each artist's most recent output remains to be seen, but what matters most is that Sean and Metro are showing a willingness to push themselves creatively.

Sometimes, I sit in a Taco Bell for 16 hours, penning editorials for DJBooth, sometimes Big Sean and Metro Boomin record albums without a vocal booth or headphones. Creativity doesn’t have to know any bounds.

There is currently no release date for Double or Nothing, but Billboard reports that it is "coming soon."



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