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A Reader Questions Our Coverage of Vic Mensa's Response to Lil Peep's Death

"I hope y'all make another article accentuating the harsh reality, which is plain to see, and not [just] the words, the harshness of which are questionable."

Hello DJBooth,

I hope all is well with whoever is reading this. I really appreciate you all keeping us posted on things. I also want to acknowledge the great difficulty on a journalist's behalf that comes with handling sensitive topics.

To make it clear, this is far from an attempt to breathe fire. I'd like to speak on your recent article about Vic Mensa's comments on the topic of Lil Peep's death. I noticed the Facebook caption "Vic Mensa can get SO CLOSE sometimes and then miss the point completely in the same breath," which is what solidified my decision to reach out.

Firstly, Rest In Peace and respect to a creative soul that left this earth. As unfortunate as Lil Peep's death and the circumstances are, reality can be painful. Sadly, life might not end well. Tampering [with drugs] is a risk you take. Even if you don't do prescription pills or whatever, peep game...

How many people started doing crack rolled in blunts that they didn't roll? Who made those pills? Who chopped that up? Can you ever know? Even if you do, can you be certain of the long-term effects, or that you're the lucky one?



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All of it is sad, but all of it is real because it actually happened. Unsafe practices are completely normalized, so while [Peep] had a huge impact on a lotta people's lives and I support the endearment of his memory, we should briefly touch on the basics. I don't know Peep or his struggles and I don't judge him. Any innocence on his behalf only makes the whole thing more tragic. Someone with a voice, who's not full of s**t or playing nice—just qualified and authentic—has to tell an entire generation to fall back on such a hardcore lifestyle.

Bruh, we are still finding more and more things potentially wrong with our food, water, medicine. And people, some so young that they're brains are literally still developing, are pushing it to the f*****g edge with powerful substances. Pushing it further, possibly, than we can even see the true consequences of.

I don't know Vic but it seems he's qualified, more than some, to speak to that part of it. I'm not anti-turn up, but DAMN, these days it's crazier than it's ever been.

I hope y'all make another article accentuating the harsh reality, which is plain to see, and not [just] the words, the harshness of which are questionable.

Much love to you and condolences to his friends and family.


Caleb Williams



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