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Eminem’s Only Rapper Guest on ‘Revival’ Calls Collaboration “Raw as F**k”

“It’s at your throat like Chloraseptic.”

Earlier today, Eminem revealed the star-studded tracklist for his forthcoming ninth studio album, Revival. Unfortunately for many fans hoping the guest list would lean more hip-hop than Ed Sheeran and Pink, the record features just one rapper, New York upstart, Phresher, who is best known for his breakout hit "Wait A Minute" and its remixes featuring Remy Ma and 50 Cent.

In an exclusive interview with Complex, Phresher recounts his time working with Em—or rather, what he can remember of it. Though the exact date of their fateful studio session escapes him, Phresher describes their work together as awe-inspiring and reveals Eminem to be his favorite rapper.

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“When I first heard that he wanted me on the project, I was astonished,” Phresher said. “I didn’t believe anything until they actually flew in and recorded the record.”

After meeting in the studio and having his big fan-out moment, Phresher says working with Eminem was a breeze: “I started to add my own twist [to the hook] and that’s when it got real in there. I started harmonizing under the vocals and he was like, ‘Oh, nah, no. Hold on. Oh man!’ He just got super excited. The whole Shady team was just excited."

That excitement translated into a song that Phresher describes as “raw as fuck.” He continued, "The emotions is just turnt up. It’s a turnt up record. It’s raw. That’s the perfect word for it. Eminem going off. The hook is just [crazy]. We going off. It’s at your throat like Chloraseptic."

Over the course of the interview, Phresher makes clear the immense reverence he has for Eminem’s work and did not take the opportunity or their collaboration lightly. As comical as it is that he can’t remember the specific date and time that the pair worked together in the studio, or whether his verse made the final album, his zeal and excitement are admirable. Phresher is a testament to the power of exposure, which, while not always worth the value we give it, can sometimes land you on a record with your idol.

The lesson here: never stop working at your dream, and in the event that you find yourself in the studio with an OG, write down the date for future reference.



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