“I Lack Confidence”: Boogie’s Battle to Become the “Best Rapper Ever”

"I’m always hard on myself, that I should be farther than where I’m at."

In a recent interview with VIBE, Shady Records'latest signee, Compton MC Boogie, opened up about the fine line between working toward becoming the best rapper ever and overthinking himself into a stupor.

“Just, at times, I lack confidence,” Boogie told Stacy-Ann Ellis about his own insecurities. “I’m salty a lot of the time. Basic shit. I’m always hard on myself, that I should be farther than where I’m at. It’s always a battle going on in my brain, just overthinking.”

For Boogie, this battle has resulted in keeping off social media and focusing on bettering himself.

Later in the interview, the battle continues during a car ride. When asked what he would like his legacy to be in hip-hop, Boogie replies: “Best rapper ever… Like ever, ever. Like period.” He follows the flex up by insisting he would kill off JAY-Z, and every other rapper in his way—except, obviously, for Eminem.

Comedic on the surface, this exchange speaks to the dichotomy between the larger-than-life persona that’s demanded of rappers and the normal, everyday mindset of a regular-ass human being. Braggadocio, unparalleled success, and believing you're the best to ever do something helix to make up the DNA of a hip-hop star. And yet, Boogie is willing to admit that no artist can wake up and embody these traits. Even heralded career artists like André 3000 still struggle to see themselves for what they are worth.

In that same breath, chasing the title of “best rapper ever” may be a fruitless endeavor. But what isn’t moot is the wealth of experience and honing of craft that will happen along the way.

What should an upstart like Boogie do? Exactly what he’s been doing: Stay off social media, trust the process, immerse himself in the work, and never forget that he’s a human being first and foremost.

At the end of the day, the bars will speak for themselves.