Migos Take Hip-Hop to 3017 in “MotorSport” Video

We're ready for the hip-hop future.

It’s well understood that Migos are driving hip-hop’s present, and now with the “MotorSport” video, flanked by Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, they are giving us a neon glimpse into hip-hop’s future.

In Migos’ future, plush cotton clothing has been completely replaced by all-leather racing bodysuits, Takeoff will never be left off “Bad and Boujee,” and cars will be able to scan and identify your dry herb vaporizer (if it’s not MigVapor’s DRAY Dry Herb Vaporizer, then you are probably Joe Budden).

Jokes aside, "MotorSport" marks yet another high point in 2017 for the group, a year that's seen the trio solidify their music video talents with cinematic efforts for "T-Shirt" and "Deadz," among others.

When Offset and Cardi B are in the same frame, their chemistry steals the show. Cardi’s verse re-cements her position as a 2017 hip-hop MVP candidate alongside Migos, and seeing the “trap Selena” bar come to life is a near holy experience. Then we have Nicki Minaj taking center stage as the rapping cyborg of all our dreams, her demeanor and bars as commanding as ever.

The only thing the video is missing is a time warp so that we can get our hands on Culture 2 sooner rather than later.



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