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Boogie's "Violence" Is a Reminder Why Eminem Signed Him to Shady Records

The Compton MC's debut single on Shady shows his potential to be a breakout star in 2018.

Compton rapper Boogie, the latest signee to Eminem’s Shady Records, has delivered an impressive first single for the label, with “Violence.”

Eminem has recently made a few questionable decisions with his own music, but if Boogie's latest output is any indication, signing the 27-year-old is an unquestionable stroke of genius.

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“Violence” opens with contemplative keys and luxe vocals from DMV artist Masego. The track's lush quality, provided by producers Keyel and Amaire Johnson, is tempered with a warm crackling, acting as the perfect counterforce to Boogie’s sharp cadence. Even his flow has some measure to it, to his benefit—Boogie sounds like he’s seated beside you at the bar, nursing a drink with ice cubes clinking against the glass. Soon enough, everyone at the bar will be pulling up a chair.

With violence being an extended metaphor for toxic love, Boogie plods through the symptoms of the failing relationship. As he tackles miscommunications and the weight of his “current darkness born in [his] shady past,” Boogie’s writing escapes the trite qualities of heartache.

Boogie delivers each bar with an attractive conviction. When he hurts, we believe him, and that is what will elevate an artist from good to great: not just appearing relatable, but being believable. After hearing “Violence,” it’s hard for me to imagine that Boogie has any insecurities about his music.

If this single is any indicator of his future output, Boogie has the potential to be a breakout star in 2018.



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