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Jeezy Says "Jewish Cats" Are Smart for "Wearing the Same Clothes All Week"

"They worth all this money and have all this power, but they might be wearing the same clothes all week."

Just days away from the release of his eighth studio album, Pressure, Southern legend and undeniable hustler Jeezy sat down with Sway to discuss all things business, music, and game.

Throughout the interview, Jeezy drops somewhat generic gems and shares insights into his best business moves: "I think the best thing was, to be all the way honest with you, was believing in myself, 'cause you can make any move, but if you don't believe, it's not really a move.”

Somewhere along the way, though, Jeezy fell into the trap of recycling gross stereotypes to make a larger point. In an attempt to explain how important it is to invest in yourself, and not solely into material items, he needlessly invokes the tired image of the wealthy and powerful Jew.



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“These Jewish cats, they worth all this money and have all this power, but they might be wearing the same clothes all week,” Jeezy suggests.

His statement is clumsy and rubs me—a Jewish cat—the wrong way, but I don’t believe Jeezy to be anti-Semitic. In this moment, Jeezy is just one voice in a larger sea of voices regurgitating damaging ideas we don’t challenge nearly enough. Still, Jeezy is speaking from a place of ignorance to an audience that will take his word as near gospel.

As Jeezy sits behind the mic on Sway’s radio show and disseminates these ideas, it’s important to call him out and course-correct, to turn his teachable moment into a greater teachable moment. This is not about bringing Jeezy down so much as it is about stomping out ignorance. No one is immune from playing to the cycle of prejudices. Unpacking these moments, however minute they may seem, and bringing them to light is the only way we’ll be able to move beyond them.

With all of that being said, I’m still excited for Jeezy’s upcoming album. I might even change into a different outfit once it drops.


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