Grace Weber Elevates Her Gospel Roots to New Heights on "Elated"

Grace Weber is ready, and so are we.

Since lending her talents to Chance The Rapper's GRAMMY-winning mixtape Coloring Book, Milwaukee songstress Grace Weber has been hard at work with The Social Experiment (Nico Segal, Nate Fox, and Peter Cottontale), creating some “special universe shit” that is set to drop in 2018 via Big Mouth Entertainment.

Following lead single "More Than Friends," Weber gives us yet another look into their otherworldly sessions with “Elated.”

Weber grew up singing in a gospel choir, which is evidenced by the lush swells on “Elated.” Segal’s horns and Weber’s vocal coil and wind upwards to a gorgeous crest of color. The single’s grandiosity is tempered by a steady organ and guided by the soft rhythmic blitzes of a tambourine. The fine crafting makes the moments of euphoria both pure and well earned.

The brevity of the lyrics speaks to the track’s maturity as a self-love anthem, with Weber declaring “Now I’m ready to be loved” as the fullness of the record envelops the listener. No need to be ornate when the singing pours out of the heart. In that way, “Elated” thaws through the drab and jaded tones of the winter.

Grace Weber is ready, and so are we.