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How West Coast Rap Can Get "Back on Top," According to LA's G Perico

Saturate wisely.

Fresh off the release of his second solo LP of 2017, 2 Tha Left, rising South Central rapper G Perico sat down with Real 92.3 LA’s Bootleg Kev to discuss the album and the "hump" that faces most of the players in LA's hip-hop scene. 

"A lot of people in LA will probably just push one record for a fucking year, or one project for a year,” Perico explained. “[Fans] consume music so fast now, it's like a standard now to put out multiple projects and multiple songs and just staying active… I think once that is implemented, as far as the West Coast, it'll be back on top."



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In terms of consumer habits, G is absolutely right. Fans are running through new music so quickly that artists are basing entire album concepts around the idea of saturating the market.

As for the creatives, while it may not have been an issue for G Perico—All Blue and 2 Tha Left were both excellent projects—there’s the law of diminishing returns. The faster an artist churns out new music to feed their fanbase, the more likely listeners will be able to pick up on the lack of time and attention that was given to that material. 

Some of the biggest names in hip-hop currently hail from the West Coast—Kendrick is arguably the genre's biggest star, fellow TDE rapper ScHoolboy Q is a superstar in his own right, and YG made one of the best albums of the decade—so it's not like the entire region is slouching, but Perico’s advice is not geared toward established, big-name acts. His suggested plan of attack is ideal for the rapper looking to graduate from hometown celebrity to hometown hero.

Based on the way music is currently being consumed, and with the ever-rising importance of playlist placements, the larger your body of work, the greater the chance at transnational appeal.

Saturate wisely.



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