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Taylor Bennett Clears Up “Only Difference” Between Independent & Major Label Artists

“The only difference [is] all these artists gon’ get a percentage."

Taylor Bennett is back with a new single alongside fellow Chicago rapper Bianca Shaw, the first signee to his very own indie label Taylor Bennett Entertainment.

Produced at Audiomack Studios by New York producer TGUT, "Only Difference" showcases the distinction between artists operating independently versus those signed to a major label.

As Taylor Bennett explained to Billboard for an interview that accompanied the song's premiere, the title reflects the duo's ability to record and release spur-of-the-moment records as they see fit, without being restricted in their decision-making process by label suits.



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The reason why it’s called “Only Difference” is because the last line of the song, “The only difference all these artists gon’ get percentage,” I’m speaking towards the label standpoint of if you’re with a label most of the times, in order to make the music and be in a position to go to Audiomack like me and Bianca were able to do rather than a bunch of executives sitting at a table and marking out what the best plan for an artist should be. Being an independent record label and artist, I think it’s very important that was stressed on the song and we got a chance to talk about it.

"Only Difference" is a nice end-of-year treat from the Chicago MC and a reminder that independent artists have more access and resources to make and release music than ever before. They also get a much larger percentage of the profits.

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