10 Most Read Articles on DJBooth This Year

From Migos to Kendrick Lamar, the most popular DJBooth features of 2017.

As we continue to leave behind 2017 in hope of greener pastures in 2018, let's take a look back on all the most popular things from this year on DJBooth.

Here are the ten most read articles of 2017.

10. An Open Letter to Lil Pump: “Xanax Is Not The Wave” (July 10)

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It's not. If you want to know why it's not, then click the link and esskeetit. Read here.

9. From Lil Uzi Vert to Future, Rap’s Biggest Stars Are Depressed & So Are Their Fans (July 5)

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It was a banner year for depressed superstars. A reminder that the music we listen to affects us, especially when we let it passively sink into our brains. Read here.

8. Eminem Left the Ivory Tower to Fight a Losing Battle (December 12)

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Sorry, Marshall. Read here.

7. Brent Faiyaz’ Manager Pulls Back the Ugly Curtain on the Major Label Ballgame (October 31)

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A must-read for anyone desiring a career in the music business. Ty Baisden names names and talks his shit about the realities of the major label system, the idea of independence in 2017, ownership of black art, and treating the music business like any other business. Read here.

6. Quavo, Takeoff & Offset: An Argument for Each Member As Migos’ Best (May 18)

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It was a huge year for Migos and a huge year for arguing which member was better than the others. Read here.

5. Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ in Reverse is a Warning & a Wake-Up Call (December 11)

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There is much more to DAMN.'s collector's edition than just a reversed track order. Read here.

4. Is Migos Holding Quavo Back From Becoming a Breakout Solo Star? (January 27)

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Read the article that superstar DJ and producer A-Trak couldn't believe we had the nerve to write! Read here.

3. ‘DAMN.’ Decoded: Kendrick Lamar’s Album is About Breaking the Curse of Disobedience (April 14)

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It's no surprise that DAMN. was the most dissected and discussed album of the year, starting with Yoh killing hope for a second album on the night it dropped. Read here.

2. Kendrick Lamar Responded to Our Article About His Fear of God (April 28)

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Not to brag, but next time someone talks shit about our esteemed platform, point to rap's reigning MVP penning a full-length piece regarding his relationship with God in admiration of the accuracy of our write-ups. Okay, maybe I'm bragging. Read here.

1. Xxxtentacion, Kodak Black & Rap’s Ugly Embrace of Sexual Assault (March 13)

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In a year marred by news of sexual assault, it's unpleasantly unsurprising that our most popular feature of 2017 dealt with the separation of art from artists accused of—and with careers perhaps propelled by—horrific crimes and vile behavior. May 2018 bring an end to such ugly embrace. Read here.



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