Rich Chigga is Now Brian, Releases Contemplative "See Me": Listen

Smart move.

Rich Chigga is no more.

The artist born Brian Imanuel has kicked off the new year by ditching his rap name, following a year and a half in which he's grown to respectable rap prominence despite an offensive moniker that lent itself more to his beginnings as a viral sensation than his current, serious musical ambitions.

The moniker swap is a smart move by a young artist whose talents outweigh the naivety of his early name selection—seen clearly with recent efforts like "Glow Like Dat" and "Chaos"—and a fix for what Imanuel readily admits was a mistake:

Alongside the name change, Brian released "See Me," a contemplative, self-produced song from his forthcoming debut project, Amen, scheduled for release on February 2.



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