Young Thug Releases "MLK" in Honor of the Civil Rights Icon: Listen

“I pray to God I die in my sleep / I pray my deaf brother don’t run into the police."

Young Thug has turned into Martin Luther King Jr. overnight. To celebrate, he has released a new song in honor of the fallen activist and civil rights icon.

With his own rags to riches story as the foundation of his overnight transformation, “MLK” is a jovial testament to MLK’s legacy, serving as hope for dreams far and wide.

Though the nearly six-minute jaunt features Trouble—fresh off his "Bring It Back" collaboration with Drake and Mike WiLL Made-It—and Shad Da God, it’s mostly Thug floating through boasts regarding the fruits of his labor. The melodic victory lap, despite the requisite six Lamborghini mentions and probably more references to "wonderful" pussy than any other MLK tribute in recent memory, also slides in some poignant political commentary towards the beginning of the opening verse:

“I pray to God I die in my sleep / I pray my deaf brother don’t run into the police / ‘Cause you tellin’ him to put his hands up, he can’t hear / Ain’t goin’ for deceased / These rookie police need to get trained, even in their sleep”

Young Thug is fresh off the 2017 release of SUPER SLIMEY, his joint project with Future, and recently released music videos for “Mink Flow” and “All Da Smoke.”


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