Trippie Redd Isn’t “Salty” About His Exclusion From Drake’s “God’s Plan”

"I got plenty of time to have that opportunity again."
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Drake's hit single "God's Plan," the most popular record in the world for the past three weeks, was supposed to feature a guest verse from recent Quality Control management signee Trippie Redd

Unfortunately, for Redd, he wasn't able to turn in his finished verse on time.


However, despite missing out on a potential once in a lifetime opportunity—the song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its opening week and is already eligible for multi-Platinum certification—Redd doesn't appear to be focusing on the rear view.

"I'm not gone be salty about it," Redd commented on Instagram in response to a fan trying to pour a vat of the mineral in his figurative wound. "I got plenty of time to have that opportunity again." 

Redd's right. He's 18. He hasn't even released his full-length debut. Time is absolutely on his side. 

Missing out on the chance to score a guest 16 on an eventual No. 1 single would likely keep Redd up at night if his career was on the downswing, but with a considerable amount of buzz attached to his name, two Gold plaques ("Love Scars" and "Poles 1469") on his wall and an all-star management team by his side, God clearly had a different plan in mind.


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