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What Does It Mean to Be A "True Fan" in 2018? We Asked 10 Artists

"A TRUE fan in 2018 is rare."

There are countless ways to support your favorite artist, some in 10 minutes or less, but what, exactly, qualifies someone a "true fan," specifically, in 2018? 

Is it the number of times they stream an artist's album on Apple Music? Is it the amount of money they spend on concert tickets and merch? Is it their staunch defense of an artist's music on social media? 

To help us get a better snapshot of what true fandom means in today's on-demand economy, we asked a 10-pack of artists the following question: How would you define a "true fan" in 2018?

Here's what they had to say...

Rob Markman (@RobMarkman)

"To me, a true fan is the one that goes the extra mile, beyond just streaming a record. It’s the person that is going to argue with all of their friends that you’re the greatest artist. It’s the one who is gonna show up to multiple shows or buy the merch or write you passionate letters about how much you mean to them. I can’t tell you how many records I’ll ultimately sell, or if I ever get a GRAMMY or where I’ll land on Billboard, but I do know that the fanbase I’m developing with my music will be inspired to do great things. I take joy in their wins. And someone who has Write To Dream on repeat is gonna change the world. No bullshit."

Smoke DZA (@SmokeDZA)

"A true fan is someone who’s at every show whenever you’re in their city, visible enough for you to see them. 'Word for word'-ing your songs, attending meet and greets, and fact-checking anyone who tries to tear you down on social media. A true fan rides with you through career changes and life phases. Shout out to all my true fans." 



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Rah Digga (@therealrahdigga)

"A true fan is someone that continues to support you whether you're 'hot' to the masses or not. They are always checking in to see what you are up to and even feel compelled to offer constructive criticism. In the business of being here today and gone tomorrow, people are lucky to have true fans." 

Ash Riser (@ASHRISER)

"A TRUE fan in 2018 is rare. I’m not some huge star but there are a few people on Instagram who use my last name in their bio or as a part of their username. One fan in South America actually got my old logo tattooed in the same place I have mine. Then there are the day-one fans who are at every show and have been since you started. Real fans buy merch, actually PAY for your records and SUPPORT you because they fucking love your work." 

Topaz Jones (@TopazJones)

"If I'm a true fan of something, I want to share it with as many people as I can. I stay up on whatever they're making or releasing because the connection I feel to them helps me figure something out about my own identity. A true fan is anyone who feels that level of connectivity to the artist." 

SonReal (@TheRealSonReal)

"Someone who believes in you. Beyond music, they truly mess with you as a person and support you unconditionally. Those are the true fans." 

Daye Jack (@dayejack)

"That’s a tough one. Someone who really digs into the artist and figures out what they stand for. Someone who’s gonna rock with your deep cuts as much as your singles. The type of kids who are going to put everyone at the lunch table onto your newest release when they get to school." 

Tobi Lou (@tobilou)

"A true fan today is someone who stays on you. They react to almost any and everything you say whether it’s an important announcement or just a random post. You can tell when you have a true fan because they seem invested in you. And their support feels unconditional." 

Mani Coolin' (@manicoolin)

"A true fan is a person that really loves the artist, doesn't judge the artist for what they don't understand, and rides with the artist through whatever transition. And of course, buys merch, comes to every show, let's you know every chance they get that your art gets them through things. I think that's a true fan in 2018. I think you get true fans by being truthful with yourself." 

theMIND (@themind)

"Someone who is truly invested in the art of their favorite artist. Not based off when the last project dropped or when the next one is coming. You respect the artist as a human, as well as a creative. I think true fans are hard to come by 2018. Attention spans are short and product is coming out faster than fans can consume it, from every medium. It really takes dedication." 



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