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Tink on Dealing with Male Record Executives: "We’re Made to Feel Like We’re Less Than"

"It's really just egos. That's it — it's nothing more than egos."

Chicago rapper and singer Tink recently parted company from Timbaland and his Mosely Music Group label after four largely unproductive years. 

In a new interview with The FADER, the 22-year-old discussed her rocky, up-and-down relationship with the legendary producer, as well as her unsavory experience working with male record executives at Epic Records, Mosely's former distribution home.

“Being a woman you have to fight a whole lot harder for what you want,” Tink told FADER writer Ben Dandridge-Lemco in reference to her general disdain for falling in line with whatever the label wanted her to do. “It's unfortunate. There’s nothing you can tell me that makes that make sense. I just know how it is, dealing with these execs, these male-dominated offices. We're made to feel like we're less than, or as if we’re not taking it as serious as some of the other guys. It's really just egos. That's it — it's nothing more than egos.”  



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As for Tink's direct relationship with Timbaland, who through a representative declined FADER's request for comment on their story, the artist says the beginning of the end came in 2015, when, during a performance at the Fader Fort at SXSW, Timbaland publicly compared her onstage to Aaliyah.

“I couldn't believe how it played out. I definitely would never want to try to replace Aaliyah, or fill in her shoes. Me and Tim, we had to talk about things like that, and that was just in addition to what I noticed about the industry: all it takes is one sentence, or one line, one thing like that, and it'll go far.” 

For the first time in four years, Tink is operating completely independent of a label and, according to the artist, she is preparing for the release of a new mixtape, Winter’s Diary 5. For those fans hoping to hear her unreleased debut, Think Tink, the artist confirmed to FADER she has no interest in unearthing any of the material that she crafted alongside Timbaland.


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