Eminem Earns 43 New Gold or Platinum Certifications, Becomes First Rap Artist With 100M RIAA Certified Units

The next closest rap artist is Drake, with 55M certified units.
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Eminem might soon be in the market for a new home. Or at least a large storage unit.

On Wednesday, the RIAA updated their Gold and Platinum certification database, which revealed the 45-year-old MC to have earned a whopping 43 new certifications—15 Gold and 28 Platinum or multi-Platinum—including the already-Diamond-certified "Love The Way You Lie" (now at 12x Platinum) and the newly-Diamond-certified "Lose Yourself" (10x Platinum).

Career to date, the Detroit native has earned 57 certifications, totaling 107.5M certified units. Eminem is the only rap artist who has crossed the 100M benchmark, behind only Rihanna (121M units) all time. The next closest rap artist is Drake, with 55M certified units.

It's important to point out that an artist and/or their label must apply for a Gold or Platinum certification, which, in this instance, means Shady Records applied for all 43 of Eminem's new certifications at once, rather than one at a time as each song/album crossed the respective 500,000 units (Gold) or 1,000,000 units (Platinum) markers.

Below, in alpha order, is a complete list of all the titles that officially earned certifications on Wednesday, February 28, including their current status:

  • "Ass Like That" (Platinum)
  • "Beautiful" (3x Platinum)
  • "Berzerk" (3x Platinum)
  • "Cinderella Man" (Platinum)
  • "Cleanin' Out My Closet" (2x Platinum)
  • "Cold Wind Blows" (Gold)
  • "Crack A Bottle" (2x Platinum)
  • "Guilty Conscience" (Gold)
  • "Guts Over Fear" (Gold)
  • "Hailie's Song" (Gold)
  • "Headlights" (Platinum)
  • "Just Lose It" (2x Platinum)
  • "Kings Never Die" (Gold)
  • "Kill You" (Gold)
  • "Like Toy Soldiers" (3x Platinum)
  • "Love the Way You Lie" (12x Platinum)
  • "Lose Yourself" (10x Platinum)
  • "Mockingbird" (4x Platinum)
  • "My Dad's Gone Crazy" (Gold)
  • "My Name Is" (2x Platinum)
  • "No Love" (4x Platinum)
  • "Phenomenal" (Gold)
  • "Rap God" (4x Platinum)
  • "Shake That" (3x Platinum)
  • "Sing for the Moment" (Platinum)
  • "Space Bound" (2x Platinum)
  • "Stan" (2x Platinum)
  • "Superman" (Platinum)
  • "Survival" (Platinum)
  • "Talkin' 2 Myself" (Gold)
  • "The Monster" (6x Platinum)
  • "The Real Slim Shady" (4x Platinum)
  • "The Way I Am" (Platinum)
  • "'Till I Collapse" (5x Platinum)
  • "We Made You" (Platinum)
  • "When I'm Gone" (4x Platinum)
  • "White America" (Gold)
  • "Without Me" (4x Platinum)
  • "Won't Back Down" (Platinum)
  • "You Don't Know" (Platinum)
  • "3 A.M." (Gold)
  • "8 Mile" (Gold)
  • "25 to Life" (Gold)