10 New Songs You Need This Week

It's that time.
Best New Hip-Hop Songs, March 2018

Fresh off last week's must-hear music, we're already back with yet another week of must-hear music. 

Below, you'll find 10 great new songs for your listening pleasure. What you won't find is the new DJ Khaled single with JAY-Z, Beyoncé, and Future. I feel obligated to at least mention it exists based on that lineup, despite not including it. 

And you can listen to the entire list in a Spotify playlist here. (Well, the ones on Spotify, at least.)

Phonte — "So Help Me God"

Tigallo returned this week to cut through the pains and panic of middle age with an outstanding new album that thoughtfully verbalizes life's ups and downs no matter what age group you fall under. 

“I was laying back, cool, calm, collect / With my man Mike off of 2nd and Carondelet / If Atlas shrugged so he could give his arms a rest / I figured I could take the time to let my mind wander yet.”

“So Help Me God” is the part where Phonte kicks the door in to remind us why we missed him so much.   

A$AP Ferg — “Kristi YamaGucci” ft. Denzel Curry & IDK

In terms of a song being purposefully crafted with the sole aim of getting me to pay to see several artists on tour while spending the night getting elbowed by teens and drowning my exhaustion in overpriced well drinks, this Ferg/Denzel/IDK Mad Man Tour teaser ranks pretty high. 

Tom Misch — "It Runs Through Me" ft. De La Soul

Tom Misch is a supremely talented UK artist gearing up for the release of his debut LP. De La Soul is one of the most revered group’s in hip-hop history. “It Runs Through Me” is sonic nourishment for your soul.

Slim Jxmmi — “Brxnks Truck” ft. Rae Sremmurd

As someone who was massively excited for a Swae Lee project and very excited for a new Rae Sremmurd project, let me tell how refreshing it is to have “Brxnks Truck” blow my headphones and make me question why I wasn’t as excited for a Slim Jxmmi project. Also, “Brxnks” is really fucking hard to type.

Swae Lee — “Hurt to Look” ft. Rae Sremmurd

Turns out I’m also still really excited for a Swae Lee project.

Saba — "Busy"

I'm not sure I can recall a previous Saba release where the Chicago MC was as vulnerable, and that’s a good thing.  

You sad, tell me, how are you sad? / You got all of these friends, you got all of these fans / I ain't trust nobody new since 2012, I ain't let nobody in / Jesus got killed for our sins, Walter got killed for a coat / I’m tryna' cope, but it's a part of me gone and apparently I'm alone”

“Busy” finds him battling loneliness and depressing with his best rapping.

Valee — “Juice & Gin”

From what I’ve gathered off Twitter over the last few months, Valee is the greatest rapper of all time. I’m still getting up to speed, but “Juice & Gin” (off his new GOOD Job, You Found Me EP) is a menacing glimpse into his unique talents, and I’m a sucker for any song that compares ass smoothness to that of aged tequila. 

Armani White — "Public School"

Back in 2015, DJBooth selected Armani White as one of our Top Prospects, highlighting the best in up-next talent from the worlds of hip-hop and R&B. It was a simpler time, back when browsing through a Twitter debate was less likely to make you want to light yourself on fire and when the incompetence of our nation’s leaders was just a touch less embarrassingly apparent. Luckily, as the world’s gone to shit, the Philly-based artist has been working on his craft; “Public School” is a lively new gem, packed with dynamic flows and just enough knock. 

Mick Jenkins — "Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat"

Mick Jenkins’ recent material removes any candy-coating in favor of zeroing in on the active ingredient. While or more; the frustration is best consumed in one dose, “Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat” is a grim taste of the short project. Like Earl’s music, these are raw raps over production tailored for the late, late night, those early a.m. hours when thoughts creep and reality and dreams start to blur together. 

Ajani Jones — "Don't Trip"

I was introduced to Ajani Jones and his music this week, but here's what I know:

  1. He's from Chicago.
  2. He's 23 years old.
  3. He's signed to indie label Closed Sessions.
  4. His new EP, Cocoons, is a solid listen that showcases his talents as a lyricist and ear for hazy, laid-back production.
  5. "Don't Trip" is intoxicating.

Album of the Week:

Phonte — No News Is Good News

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