Producer Che Pope Reveals "Probably 1,000" of His Beats Are in Dr. Dre's "Safe"

"We'd go to Hawaii—we'd be in Hawaii for three weeks and we'd do 75 tracks—and we did that multiple times."
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Dr. Dre has only released two albums (2001, Compton) and a handful of singles over the past 19 years, but the absence of solo material bearing his name doesn't mean the legendary producer hasn't continuously been working on new music.

During a recent appearance on A Waste of Time podcast with ItsTheReal, GRAMMY-winning producer Che Pope, the former president of G.O.O.D. Music, talked about his eight-year tenure working alongside Dr. Dre, who—holy shit!—is he sitting on an incredible amount of unfinished music.

"There are probably, literally, 400 beats that me, [Mike] Elizondo, [Mark] Batson were all apart of that are in Dre's safe," Pope said. "We'd go to Hawaii—we'd be in Hawaii for three weeks and we'd do 75 tracks—and we did that multiple times. Let alone what we did every day. 400 was probably a light estimate. There's probably 1,000." 

Based on the tone of the interview, Pope, who alongside Dre and the rest of the production team at Aftermath worked on projects by Eminem, 50 Cent, The Game and Mobb Deep, to name a few, doesn't appear to harbor any resentment whatsoever toward Dre for, essentially, holding so much of his work hostage (my words, not his).

Though Pope didn't mention Malcolm Gladwell's famous 10,000 Hour Rule, which suggests the first 10,000 hours of work in any field is merely "deliberate practice" necessary to eventually be considered "world-class," I'd have to imagine that, knowing most, if not all, of the music he produced alongside Dre will go the way of Detox, it might help to become a subscriber.



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