Logic Denies "Yuck" Is a Diss Track, Says It's Aimed at the "Entire Industry That Talks Shit"

"I feel sorry for anyone who would try to beef with me."
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Logic has his fair share of detractors in the music industry—as do all high-profile, star artists not named Kendrick Lamar—but according to the Def Jam MC, he has no interest in directly addressing any of them on wax.

In the fourth part of a sit-down interview with Hard Knock TV's Nick Huff Barili, filmed after the release of his brand new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II, Logic was asked about "Yuck," a song widely presumed to be a direct response to Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas, who has repeatedly attacked Logic over the past 10 months.

"It's not a diss song. If it was a diss song, I'd say somebody's name... this is probably the closest [I'm] ever going to have," Logic said. "I would never do that. It's not who I am. This is the closest I would ever [get to] diss the entire industry that talks shit about me. Every single person in one, that's it. I would never focus on one person, or one thing or one that because I feel sorry for anyone who would try to beef with me. It's like, what's the point? It's funny to me. Me and my homies, we just clown, like, I don't even know any of these people. It's so crazy to me... at the end of the day, I'm just going to be me and be honest."

Considering Logic's brand is all about "peace, love, and positivity," denying that "Yuck" is a direct shot at Lucas—or any MC for that matter—is good PR. 

Also, nobody is asking for a full-on, two-sided Logic-Joyner Lucas rap beef. Please and thank you.