Letter to the Editor: You Did Justice to the "Art" of Hip-Hop by Writing That Article

"These aesthetic properties are no different when it comes to hip-hop, whether it be XXXTentacion or J. Cole."
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On March 22, we published an article entitled "Aggression & Desperation: How Three MCs Use Their Edge to Take the Edge Off." 

We received the following email from Matthew Duncan in response to this article (reprinted with no changes):

First off, great article and thank you for writing that as well as taking the time to read this. 

With that said, I don't know if you realize the justice done to the 'art' of hip-hop with you writing that article. You really placed an emphasis on the power of words and the performance of those words. You, without even having to mention it, drew a comparison between hip-hop and such things as a play, a painting, a novel, or any other artistic expression. These aesthetic properties are no different when it comes to hip-hop, whether it be XXXTentacion or J. Cole. 

When you take into account the various emotions produced by the artist and reciprocated by the listener an argument against hip-hop as an art form has very little validation. All art evokes a response. Each song is like a TED Talk, the instrumentation is the location, the speaker is the artist, the audience the listener; the words and emotions that accompany the speech resonates with each member of the audience differently, leaving the audience not only aware of what the artist is passionate about but with the question of whether or not one can relate and draw from that while the speaker is satisfied, at least for the moment, that they were able to relay their message.

Thank you and excuse the run on sentences!