Smokepurpp Cut Back on Saying "Real Ignorant Stuff" When He Realized Kids Listen to His Music

"I’m still ignorant, I just have to do it in a better way, you know."
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Rap artists aren't required to be role models—though, it certainly wouldn't do any damage to their long-term career prospects—but they should be cognizant of the influence they have over their intended audience.

Case in point, Alamo Records signee Smokepurpp. In a new interview on Beats 1 on Apple Music, host Zane Lowe asked the 20-year-old old when he realized music could become an actual career. In response, Purpp admitted that he didn't take music seriously until people—or more specifically, kids—actually started listening.

"Now it’s to the point where it's actually a lifestyle, so I got to take it serious," Purpp explained to Lowe. "I have to watch what I say and all of that. Mostly a lot of kids listen to my music so I had to kind of like cut back. And a lot of kids approach me too so I kind of have to cut back the real ignorant stuff I say. But it’s still there, I’m still ignorant, I just have to do it in a better way, you know."

While I'm not exactly sure what being ignorant "in a better way" looks or sounds like, I'd have to imagine it's nothing like Purpp's appearance on The Mars Files podcast in 2016, in which he and fellow SoundCloud sensation turned major label signee Lil Pump laughed about beating up girls in middle school.

Smokepurpp is currently readying the release of Bless Yo Trap, a collaborative effort with Platinum-selling producer Murda Beatz. The latest single off the project is the Lil Yachty and Offset-assisted "Do Not Disturb."



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