J. Cole's 'KOD' Lone Guest Feature kiLL Edward Sounds A Lot Like J. Cole

(It's totally Cole.)
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Kill Edward J. Cole

J. Cole has revealed the incredible artwork for his upcoming album, KOD, which drops this Friday, April 20. 

Notably, the 12-track LP boasts a single feature, the mysterious kiLL Edward, but a tiny bit of digging will reveal that Edward is most likely Jermaine's alter-ego (with pitch-corrected vocals).

kiLL Edward’s debut offering, “tidal wave (just a little reference),” released Monday on SoundCloud, features the same R&B crooning that peppered all of Cole’s last major studio release, 4 Your Eyez Only. With KOD’s title acting as a triple-entendre, it is not surprising that Cole would bring in an alter ego to complete his upcoming narrative.

If all that evidence isn't enough to convince you Cole is about to go double-Platinum featuring himself, the track is labeled as distributed by “Kill his ways,” a reference to the third KOD acronym, Kill Our Demons.

So, what does this suggest about the album's narrative? Perhaps Cole and Edward will bring to light the duality of celebrity, of drug addiction, or of drug death, and the binary conversation surrounding drugs in hip-hop. Or, this entire rollout could mean nothing.

Either way, KOD is shaping up to be another landmark moment in J. Cole’s career.

DJBooth has reached out to Dreamville for confirmation. We will update this piece we receive a response.