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It’s 4/20 So Here‘s a List of the 20 Best “Weed So Loud” Rap Lyrics

Just make sure your weed's louder than DJ Khaled's ad-libs.

Gas. Dro. Reggie. Sess. Doja. Dutch. Sticky Icky. La La La. Chronic. Hip-hop has laced us with an endless supply of weed slang over the years—probably helped by the fact that, you know, rappers smoke a bunch of weed. But it’s safe to say that the current bud word of choice in rap music right now is “loud.”

Originally a source of bragging rights for how brash one’s crew, how bold one’s outfit, how powerful one’s engine or how lethal one’s gun was, “loud” has taken on a new meaning in rap music as jargon for bomb ass weed. Weed that’s so strong its scent might as well be screaming at you (and may or may not impair your ability to hear).

Stemming from the South, “loud” was first adopted by the likes of Gucci Mane (“Damn it’s really loud, smelling like a whole pound,” “Kush Is My Cologne”), Waka Flocka Flame ("In the club blowing loud, man that shit got me dizzy," “Take a Wish”) and Lil Meta (“I love the L-O-U-D, strong pack, fruity,” “Who Got Da Loud”) in the late ‘00s. Since then, the term, like many other elements of Southern rap, has spread like a kush cloud throughout the rap spectrum, entering hip-hop’s vernacular and making the pungent properties of that sweet Mary Jane sound as funny, imaginative and sweet-scented as ever.

I say all that to say this: it’s 4/20, it’s almost the weekend, you’ve been asked by at least three co-workers who you know aren't regular smokers if you want to “blaze it up, brah” (two of the three did so while mimicking smoking a joint with their index finger and thumb). So what better excuse to kick back, roll up and enjoy this list of the 20 best “weed so loud” (we also accept “weed louder than…,” “weed loud as…” or any other variant) lines from your favorite rappers.

“Kush loud as Fred screaming, ‘Wilma!’ n*gga”

— Lil Wayne, “Boyz 2 Menace”

Most of you will already understand this reference and are currently letting out a hearty chuckle. But if not, please educate yourself immediately.

“Weed so loud it can’t keep secrets”

— 2 Chainz, “Go Get Sum Mo"

Speaking of worst kept secrets, 2 Chainz is an endlessly entertaining rapper.

“Neighbors knockin’ on the door, asking can we turn it down / I say, ‘Ain’t no music on,’ she said, ‘Naw, that weed is loud’”

— King Chip, “Just What I Am”

F- for brevity, A+ for making everyone at the party rap this line in half-baked harmony.

"Weed louder than Khaled ad-libs”

— Vado, “Paint the Sky”

Fun fact: one of the worst experiences I've ever had with weed was when I thought I added DJ Khaled's (technically J. Cole's) "Jermaine's Interlude" to my smoking playlist (yes, I have a smoking playlist. No, I'm not ashamed). Somehow, I accidentally added "Forgive Me Father," the one with Meghan Trainor and Wiz Khalifa, instead. If you ever want to blow your high immediately, I'd recommend it.

“Eighths louder than the voice of Satan that be plaguin' him”

— Earl Sweatshirt, “Centurion”

tfw when Earl Sweatshirt sees everybody having fun with weed raps and takes a fucking blowtorch lighter to it.

“Loud stanky kush got me smelling like an onion booth"

— OJ Da Juiceman, “Burr Beer”

Just to let everyone know, we've teamed up with OJ Da Juiceman for a weed-based food blog called Onion Booth, set to launch... whenever this kush wears off.

“OG Gas so loud it sounded like we getting yelled at”

— Valee, “VTL”

"VTL" is a perfect example of how Valee buries humor in hostility. While following a strict "at," "dat," "yet" rhyme scheme, G.O.O.D. Music's newest recruit pours out three pints of lean, berates you for copping your shoes on sale and reminds his mother to store the shotgun close to the shells—sage advice for any shooter. And just when it feels like he might pull the trigger, he'll disarm you in deadpan fashion with a line like, "OG Gas so loud it sounded like we getting yelled at." At least you'll go out laughing.

“Pack loud as that slap ‘cross the belly”

— Earl Sweatshirt, “Molasses”

Exhibit B why no one's fucking with Earl Sweatshirt when it comes to weed descriptions.

“My weed louder than pimp suits”

— Lil Wayne, “Mercy”

*Insert Dave Chappelle's Playa Haters' Ball sketch*



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"That loud pack stankin’ like a bag of Funyuns”

— Gucci Mane, “Freestyle (2054 Buck Rogers Shit)”

OJ smelling like an onion booth, Guwop smelling like a bag of Funyuns; I feel like we should've been more concerned about the personal hygiene of Brick Squad.

“Smoke weed louder than Fran Drescher”

— Belly, “Man Listen”

No offence to Fran Drescher (or nasally New Yorkers everywhere), but if your weed's louder than Fran's wonderfully soothing voice, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop smoking.

“The weed so loud bitches get ignored”

— Lil Wayne, “Destroyed”

"Kush > Bush"—Wayne 3:15

“Rollin' up a blunt of purple, louder than ya Reverend”

— Young Dolph, “I Need My Medicine”

Dolph's weed will also leave you speaking in tongues.

“300 dollars for the weed, smell the tree, louder than Meek Mill”

— NIKO IS, "King Shit"

As you're reading this, some kid is getting a little too carried away on 4/20 and for the next hour all he can hear is Meek Mill yelling at full volume about his Audemars.

“Gas so loud call it the car alarm”

— Danny Brown, “Bodies on Fairfax”

Danny isn't the first rapper to compare his loud pack to a car alarm, but he gets bonus points for the gas/car double entendre. And for the fact his voice sounds like a friggin' 3 a.m. car alarm on this one.

“I like my weed loud, hella Noisey like Viceland”

— E-40, “Get It On My Own”

We haven't made it until a rapper says, "Weed louder than the DJBooth." One at a time, please!

“I'm in the passenger twisting that Kill Bill / Shit louder than a Dr. Dre Beats pill”

— Curren$y, “Champagne Reign”

Assuming it's turned all the way up, of course.

“I'm a Back-a-wood roller, really a smoker / This louder than when you drive on the shoulder”

— Smino, “Amphetamine”

Smino is second behind only Earl Sweatshirt for obscure weed descriptions, but first when it comes to kicking funky flows that make you feel as fuzzy as the weed in his Backwood.

“Scent from the kitchen as loud as a thousand pans”

— Jeezy, “4 Zones”

That reminds me, I need to make more weed brownies.

“Boy you unofficial, while we smoking loud you smoking whisper”

— Chief Keef, “Dismiss”

Okay, this line doesn't technically use "loud" as a simile or a metaphor like the others, but who cares, because it's the best pothead put-down I've heard in my life. Whoever Chief Keef was talking about on this song, I hope his homies smoked one in memory of his spirit.



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