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This Wale & Royce da 5'9" Twitter Exchange About Rewriting Verses is Great

This is the Twitter version of lunch table rap discussion—in the best way.
Wale Royce da 5'9" Twitter Exchange

Veteran MCs are teeming with knowledge, but nothing beats watching them chop it up about their craft. 

On Monday evening, Royce da 5’9” and Wale put on their rap-nerd fitted caps on Twitter, discussing the neurotics of verse writing for all the world to enjoy:

As Wale and Royce bemoaned packing extra syllables into a verse and the hours lost writing and rewriting the same four bars, fans got a humanizing glimpse into the psyche of their favorite rappers. Yes, even Royce da 5’9” gets insecure about being wordy.

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Wale’s geeking out over Royce’s “android” status on the mic is equally endearing, a friendly reminder that rappers are fans like the rest of us, and from that fandom comes some fantastic advice: do everything in your power to get it right, but don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. 

Even when they don't mean to be, when they're at their most relaxed among friends, our favorite artists always possess the ability to be mentors. 

Welcome to the Twitter version of lunch table politicking in high school, but in the best way. 



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