Stargate on 21 Savage: "He Has One of the Most Distinct Voices in Hip-Hop"

"You hear his voice for two seconds and you know it's him."
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Ahead of the release of their new single "1Night," Norwegen production duo Stargate sat down for an interview with Zane Lowe on Tuesday on his World Record program on Beats 1 on Apple Music. 

When asked by Lowe how 21 Savage ended up on "1Night" alongside its other guest vocalist, PARTYNEXTDOOR, group member Tor Erik Hermansen responded by waxing poetic about the Atlanta native.

"He has one of the most distinct voices in hip-hop. I think we probably heard—it was a Drake album, I think the first moment that we became aware of him and you know, you hear his voice for two seconds and you know it's him," Hermansen said. "Also even though there's some darkness in his lyrics, there’s also a sense of humor and playfulness to a lot of his punchlines. So we knew this kid had something special."

As for the answer to Lowe's original question—how the Los Angeles-based duo connected with the Epic Records rapper for "1Night"—it turns out, they never actually connected.

"You know, he works on the hip-hop time, which is after midnight. We work on two grown-men family time," Hermansen added. "We actually never met. We gave him the beat, he did his verse, sent it back to us, and we put on the record." 

Stargate is roughly "six, seven or eight" songs into their forthcoming project, which does not currently have an official title or release date. 



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