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Danny Brown's Now-Deleted "Most Influential Things" Tweet Makes Perfect Sense

Expect Danny Brown’s upcoming album to be one for the books.

Danny Brown’s next album is coming.

The Detroit MC made as much clear with a series of now-deleted tweets, first explaining the physical labor that went into this project, and then riffling off influences from comedians to garage music, to video game franchises that influenced the record.

Danny Brown tweets

As a man dedicated to translating the clamor and chaos of acid trips and depressive spirals, Brown being influenced by noise music, the experiments of Bowie, the grit of Prodigy, and cinematic video game scores and soundtracks makes perfect sense. 

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Have you heard the man’s voice? 

The nod to comedian Joey Diaz also fits in nicely with Brown’s unique brand of humor on wax and within his expertly directed music videos.

“I’ve lost more sleep over this album then I have with any other .... and I was broke as fuck then ... don’t know if this means if it sucks or what I just know I put my heart into everything I do,” Brown tweeted at 10:18 last night.

Danny Brown tweets

While we don’t advocate for long bouts of sleep deprivation, there is something exciting about hearing Danny Brown so locked into his work. Few artists can execute pain music at the level of depth and creativity that Brown brings to every track. From his array of cadences to his penchant for the ugly side of every memory, paired with this list of influences, expect Brown’s upcoming album to be one for the books.



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