GLC Apologizes to Donda West for Kanye's Latest Behavior: "We Tried Our Best"

Kanye's longtime friend and collaborator pens an emotional Instagram caption.

If Kanye West's latest string of tweets and political commentary has left strangers and fellow celebrity types upset, confused and befuddled, just imagine how some of his longtime friends are currently feeling.

Early Wednesday morning, veteran emcee GLC, whose friendship with West predates his appearance ("Spaceship") on West's seminal debut, College Dropout, took to Instagram to express his frustration over West's recent remark on TMZ that "slavery is a choice," as well as calling into question the "friends" West employed while he dealt with an addiction to opioids. 

"We learned at an early age, reasoning with an addict is impossible when they are off the sauce," wrote GLC. "I saw the interview with [Charlamagne] when Kanye said his boys would get his pills for him. This shows he don’t know what friends are. We wouldn’t feed your addiction, we would violate u for violating law plus self & get u help."

Unlike most fans, who are merely disappointed that one of their favorite artists refuses to engage their brain before putting their mouth (or fingers) in gear, GLC is upset that, despite seeing all the warning signs, he wasn't able to prevent West's latest behavior.

"I saw this shit coming [and] tried to prevent it," GLC wrote to close the caption. "Sorry Donda, I promise we tried our best. This shit hurts!"

Last September, GLC expressed a similar sentiment following West's 2016 admittance to a hospital for what doctors described as "temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration."