Bryson Tiller Responds to Claim He “Fell Off”: “Facts”

The RCA Records singer-songwriter opens up about being depressed during the making and following the release of his sophomore album, 'True to Self'.

Bryson Tiller's sophomore album, True to Self, failed to meet the critical and commercial expectations set by his 2x Platinum-certified 2015 debut, Trapsoul. According to Tiller, the reason the album "didn't do that great" is that he was suffering from depression during its creation.

"I was depressed before I made that album and you can hear it in the music," Tiller tweeted on Sunday evening, adding, "[but] depression ended in 2017 and I been workin hard ever since."

Tiller's explanation about his mental health followed a brief exchange with a (former?) fan on the social media network after Tiller confirmed that he "fell off."

While Tiller hasn't released any new material in almost one full calendar year (True to Self was released on May 27, 2017), the RCA Records singer-songwriter has been the recipient of 14 shiny Gold and Platinum certifications by the RIAA over that period of time.

If "falling off" in the record industry means having to find a wall in your home for 14 plaques, every artist should be so lucky.

Even more importantly, though, Tiller appears to have a firm grasp on his mental health.