G-Eazy: "I'm Grateful as F**k to Be a Free Man"

The Bay Area rapper says he's "embarrassed and apologetic" after being arrested for and pleading guilty to assault and drug possession charges in Sweden.
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G-Eazy is a free man. 

Last week, following a show in Stockholm, Sweden, the Bay Area rapper was arrested for attacking a security guard in a nightclub. While detained by police, he was found to be in possession of cocaine, according to reports.

G-Eazy pled guilty to both the assault and drug possession charges, but incredibly, he won't be facing any jail time.

"Grateful & blessed to be free & safe," G-Eazy wrote on Instagram. "Happy to be in Copenhagen tonight doing what I love most. Embarrassed & apologetic beyond words about the incident, but above all I’m so fucking grateful they let me go, craziest experience of my life, awful night with a lot of bad luck and some even worse decisions but like I said I’m grateful as fuck to be a free man, back on tour performing for the fans."

In April, G-Eazy scored 13 new Gold and Platinum certifications from the RIAA to bring his career total to 21. Staying out of a Swedish prison will ensure he'll be able to add to that total in the weeks and months to come.