BlocBoy JB on His Sudden Rise to Fame: "I Didn’t Know This Much Went Into Rapping”

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BlocBoy JB, the artist behind the Drake-assisted hit single "Look Alive," entered 2018 as a local Memphis rapper with a dream, but, as he explained in a new interview, he wasn't prepared for the reality that followed.

“I did not know how much rappers work,” Bloc told VIBE. “I didn’t know this much went into rapping.”

Given his age (21), JB's unpreparedness for a professional rap career is far from surprising. From constant travel to press obligations to meetings with labels and sponsors, among countless other ongoing responsibilities, the achievement of long-term success in the music business requires an unparalleled level of dedication and commitment. 

Though it might seem strange, our favorite artists’ professional lives actually follow similar patterns to that of the average office worker’s. For JB, that office just so happens to be Memphis, a city that, for the first time in its history, is finally being properly recognized for its contributions hip-hop.

JB is far from the only rap newcomer to be overwhelmed by all of the actual non-rapping work that goes into building a successful career in the music business. Last October, Florida rapper Ski Mask the Slump God echoed a similar sentiment in an interview with HNHH. "I wish somebody would have told me rap would be this hard," he said.