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Anderson .Paak Reveals “’Til It’s Over” Single Is Actually Four Years Old

"I just have so many songs."
Anderson Paak, 2018

Anderson .Paak is currently sitting on a lot of unreleased music, but having a stash of ready-to-go records tends to come in handy whenever a trusted collaborator or respected brand reaches out about working together.

In a recent interview on Hot 97, the Oxnard, California native revealed that whenever his phone rings for a feature, all he has to do is hit send.

"When Mac [Miller] hit me up, he was asking me if I had anything for [his] album," .Paak said, "and I already had ["Dang!"] with the hook and the idea. And I just dished that off to him. I love doing that with artists. I just did that recently with Busta and different artists. I just have so many songs."



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Another one of those songs is "'Til It's Over," which premiered in March during Apple's HomePod campaign. As it turns out, the record is almost half-a-decade old.

"You know the Apple thing ["'Til It's Over"], working with Spike Jones and FKA Twigs, that was huge, that was another song that was four years old that I just had in the tuck," .Paak added.

Last week, .Paak released his latest single, "Bubblin," a record that is "brand new" to the public but—wait for it—was actually recorded, according to producer Jahlil Beats, several years ago.


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