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Our Entire Staff Reacts to Pusha-T's Drake Diss Track "The Story of Adidon"

"Drake is a Scorpion without poison. Begging for his life."

Holy shit.

In just a few hours time, we went from Pusha T telling Pitchfork, "The fake cannot dictate the moves of the real" in reference to when and if he would engage in a back-and-forth on wax with Drake to King Push drafting up and hand delivering a death certificate to Drake's front steps.

In response to Drake's "Duppy Freestyle," which itself was a response to the G.O.O.D. Music emcee hurling a few barbs at Drizzy on DAYTONA track "Infrared," Pusha has delivered "The Story of Adidon," a three-minute all-out assault on Drake and EVERYONE HE HAS EVER LOVED IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE.

Don't believe me? Listen...

In typical DJBooth fashion, below is a transcript from our staff Slack chat in the moments following the song's release to SoundCloud. Lord have mercy on Drake's soul.

Z [7:25 PM] Got damn! Pusha just responded to Drake with an episode of Maury.

sermonsdomain [7:26 PM] Now we know why he took so long: he was doing research. Other journalists could learn from him...

donnacwrites [7:26 PM] These are the three meanest minutes we'll hear all summer

Trim Halpert [7:27 PM] I have punched no less than 5 holes in the wall. One for each listen. I visibly cackled at the “border patrol” line

yoh [7:27 PM] Someone please check on Sandy and Dennis.

donnacwrites [7:27 PM] My cat was asleep in another room and woke up crying from the aggression

bmvaran [7:28 PM] And 40. Literally

sermonsdomain [7:28 PM] The 40 line is definitely the hardest one.

Trim Halpert [7:28 PM] Dennis Graham can’t ever wear a suit again

donnacwrites [7:28 PM] 40 caught the meanest bar

yoh [7:28 PM] I didn't expect to see this much blood until John Wick 3. I mean it's a 3-minute bloodbath.

donnacwrites [7:29 PM] If rap doesn't work out Pusha can go on to do dramatic daytime television. I would tune in.

yoh [7:29 PM] Drake has to cancel his summer and take his kid to camp.

donnacwrites [7:29 PM] It's just pinprick after pinprick until Drake is crumbs

Z [7:30 PM] 

People: where is the response?
Pusha: I had to hire a private investigator.

yoh [7:30 PM] Drake is a Scorpion without poison. Begging for his life

donnacwrites [7:30 PM] Flailing

yoh [7:31 PM] Drake going to be so mad when Adonis wants braids.

Z [7:31 PM] I cannot recall a beef that had this much collateral damage.

yoh [7:32 PM] Is Drake ready?

Trim Halpert [7:32 PM] Not a chance

yoh [7:32 PM] Seriously. How much lower can this get?

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donnacwrites [7:32 PM] This is what Hopsin thought he was doing when he made a diss towards his baby mama

Trim Halpert [7:32 PM] Pusha made it seem like this was part 1 lol

yoh [7:32 PM] The only thing dirtier than this diss is 50 hanging out with Ross son and baby ma

donnacwrites [7:32 PM] Pusha has a pinboard of Drake misdemeanors at the ready

yoh [7:33 PM] I can't play it again

Trim Halpert [7:33 PM] Pusha put out a Reddit conspiracy theory thread about Drake on wax, and I believe every fuckin word of it

yoh [7:33 PM] The 40 line is really bothering my soul "Tick tick tick"

bmvaran [7:34 PM] So Drake has a son?

yoh [7:35 PM] Let Pusha tell it. And I've seen cosigns on the timeline.

Z [7:36 PM] Does Drake have any bullets left in the chamber after Duppy?

Ebony Marley Maw [7:36 PM] Whatever ammo he had just disintegrated

Trim Halpert [7:36 PM] He might have bullets, but Pusha has bazookas

bmvaran [7:36 PM] He gotta make his next one a hit single

Trim Halpert [7:36 PM] And laser beams

bmvaran [7:36 PM] Back 2 Back sequel

yoh [7:36 PM] He has to

sermonsdomain [7:37 PM] Drake gotta get Clipse old manager on the phone to denounce Pusha ever did any real dirt.

Z [7:37 PM] Drake might want to just drop his response the same day as Kanye's new album.

Ebony Marley Maw [7:37 PM] There is no Summer Jam screen big enough

yoh [7:37 PM] He has to take over the summer at Pusha's expense

Trim Halpert [7:38 PM] I don’t think Drake can out-Pop these type of hits. Maybe for his biggest fans, but not an objective audience

yoh [7:38 PM] Okay, I'm about to be late for this show. But real quick. How long does Drake have before clapping back?

Trim Halpert [7:39 PM] I hope he takes some time. But probably a week or so maybe?

sermonsdomain [7:39 PM] OVO sleepover in the tent TONIGHT.

Trim Halpert [7:39 PM] He’s working against a G.O.O.D. Music release clock now

Ebony Marley Maw [7:40 PM] 

Pusha T might have to shoot Drake Slack comment.

He shot Drake



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