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Vince Staples Weighs in on Drake & Pusha-T Beef: "Until Somebody Dies, I Don’t Care"

“Be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you.”

Long Beach rapper and funniest man on Twitter, Vince Staples, is the latest to weigh in on the ongoing Drake versus Pusha-T rap beef. Speaking with Mike D and Matt Wilkinson during an interview on Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music, Staples made clear that, while rap beef is made out to be so grand by the fans, rappers don't necessarily feel the same way.

“Until somebody dies, I don’t care,” Staples said. “Please don’t talk about me in songs. Be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you and I’ll give you a ride in my car, if it’s charged.” 

Staples response sounds like a great offer, but the joke here is two-fold.



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First, there’s the innate absurdity of asking an entirely uninvolved rapper to weigh in on a rap beef purely for views. Vince’s pointed remarks put into context how vapid the media clamor surrounding beef can get, especially in the clickbait era of journalism. Second, and in line with his recent tweets, Staples, a real rapper’s rapper, is highlighting how rap beef exists as this grand tradition for rap fans more so than it does for the rappers themselves.

Where beef encompasses the competitive nature of hip-hop and makes for incredible cultural moments, the media circus often surrounding them has been dominated by a larger, fan-driven culture that misses the nuances and gravity of these events and diss tracks. Especially considering Drake's pop-star status, this is how we end up with articles listing five things we need to know about “the rapper Drake dissed." 

Dead or alive, though, the diss tracks have been fire.


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